How about these sexy sneakypeak caps???? *DEAAAAAAAD*


Okay, but I think it looks like he’s airing out a Dutch Oven situation in that last one.

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(note to self)

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My heart swings back and forth between the need for routine and the urge to run.

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as I got in the shower
I asked you what you had to say

the song that played
was Last Kiss by Pearl Jam
I smiled and knew you were listening
I said I loved and missed you
but I’m sure you knew

last night you came to visit
it had been a while since you last came back

you just crawled in bed behind me
we caught up without words
I frowned and couldn’t get comfortable
even though I loved and missed you
but I’m sure you knew

I woke up and you were gone
as you always are

I grumbled and crawled out of bed
feeling a page turn I’d been stuck on since
I smiled and said the goodbye I never got to
I love you and miss you still
and I know you do too

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