Bobby: Jax doesn’t have the outer crust like the rest of us. He just lets that shit eat him up and boil in his gut. He just let’s everything in and swallows it whole. He’s been like that since he was a kid.

Wendy: I know.. I never knew what he was feeling until he blew up in my face.

Bobby: It’s his heart that drives him. He does want the best for both his families, though.



Nah man I gotta say 90% of everything wrong with Jax is Gemma’s doing. She killed his fucking dad bc he wanted to better the club, married the dudes like best friend who just further fucked up Jax, went ape shit every time Jax tried to do anything good for the club or get away from all the club shit, andddd then killed his wife cause she couldnt control her shit for just like three more seconds. Fuck Gemma and her delusional ass.

(via carbonlifeformxii)

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